Water Contamination – Natural and Man-Made

While most ground water is safe for consumption, it is important to know that ground water contamination has been documented in all 50 states.1 Ground water quality can be impaired by natural contaminants or human activity. Because ground water is used to supply private wells, your water may be susceptible to both forms of contamination.

  • Natural impurities can include:
    • Arsenic and other trace metals
    • Total Coliform bacteria
    • Nitrate
    • Radon
  • Contamination related to human activity can include:
    • Pesticides and herbicides
    • Industrial solvents
    • Components of gasoline
    • Waste from septic systems

You may also want to contact your local health department for a listing of common contaminants in your area.

1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2002, Drinking Water from Household Wells: EPA 816-K-02-003.